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About Us

about-us-03.jpgSohal living is a dream project of  Tanveer & Karminder Sohal.

Our wish was to showcase exquisite Indian furniture and artefacts of  India to Australian clients, which has surprisingly become global for us through our website.  Since we have grown up in India and travelled to all the different towns which specialise in one particular artwork, it was very tempting to show all that under one roof. Bone Inlay, carved furniture, metal furniture, marble etc. Our clients have been very encouraging to always appreciate our work and that gives us the motivation to carry on the exploration.

We love to interact with our clients to know what they are looking for. If something is not in stock, like old doors, pillars, swings, daybeds, industrial furniture, etc, we show pictures of what we have in stock in India and then we get it in our next shipment.....We are only a phone call away.

We Love to custom make pieces for our clients, every piece we custom make is made from an idea in your mind, then we add a bit of Indian magic.....all at a very reasonable price...............Your's sincerely, Tanveer & Karminder